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Cascadia is a unique coastal bioregion that defines the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada, incorporating British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, parts of Idaho, southern Alaska and northern California, and in many ways is geographically, culturally, economically and environmentally distinct from surrounding regions.

CascadiaNow! is a positive, grassroots movement inspired by a love of place, to increase sufficiency and autonomy, and better the bioregion for the benefit of everyone living here. We envision a bioregion that is self sufficient, responsible for our actions, impacts and the consequences of our modern lifestyles, in which people are supported and connected into their community and landbase, and every person, without exception, is able to substantively participate in the governance of every facet affecting their life.

We want Cascadian organizers to have everything they need to identify and focus on the needs of their communities, support themselves financially, and hook into a regional network of activists, cultural ambassadors and curators to impact real change in the Cascadia bioregion. CascadiaNow! empowers community organizing by building productive partnerships, cultivating engagement, providing tools and direct services, and are a focal point for chapters, groups, events and projects. 

Whether you know it or not, you're already a citizen of this region, and we look forward to working with you.

This is Cascadia, and we are Cascadian

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CascadiaNow! is a grassroots movement. We encourage everyone to be a part of the Cascadia movement, and make sure their voices are represented as we continue to grow throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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